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Samskruthi Fine Jewellery

Samskruthi Fine Jewellery, another wing of our company, caters to customization of gold jewellery. We help with designing and handcrafting exquisite pieces of jewellery of your choice.
We also help with refurbishing old pieces of jewellery to give it that special new look that fits with today’s trends, while retaining the original components, so the essence is retained, be it a piece from one’s grandmother or one that has been worn many a time, but difficult to part with owing to the sentimental values attached with it. We understand all this and more at Samskruthi Fine Jewellery.
Our founder, Samskruthi, is an avid believer in the significance of our ancestral heritage which forms the backdrop to the designs. Her purpose of designing and refurbishing jewellery is to bring life to imagination and creativity. Samskruthi aims to ensure personalized attention and produce one-of-a-kind jewellery, which her Clients will be proud to own for posterity.
At Samskruthi Fine Jewellery, we take great pride in our craftsmanship, knowledge and our genuine love of jewellery and its timeless beauty to cater to our Clients who are precious to us! 
Here is a glimpse at some of our work in gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones